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[sticky post] what ya doing here?

what are you even doing here

^ probably in every fandom ever. johnny's ent. star trek. nerdfighter. harry potter, lotr, supernatural. glee. top gear. cooking shows. dancing shows.
^^ booknerd. probably read everything ever. oscar wilde. anthony horowitz.
^^^ i idolise yves saint laurent and kurt vonnegut
^^^^ frank ocean. metallica. adam lambert. nirvana. nickelback. aerosmith. anna tsuchiya. bon jovi. bfmv. epik high. dbsk. godsmack. hinder.      justin timberlake. lance bass. kattun. madina lake. marylin manson. pink floyd. van halen. w-inds. miyavi. lots more.
^^^^^ cinnamon tea makes me happy. homophobia does not.
^^^^^^ pretty boys; pretty porn; superficial bitch.

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angsty tegopi drabble woo

i'm feeling shitty, so i made yamapi feel shitty. cheers.

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jinda fic that actually really sucks

i listened to too much 2ne1 + this is practice + i had nothing to do today + please excuse how shitty it is + HAVEN'T EDITED xoxox

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jin-centric thing

i found this on my usb from when i had written it for an english assessment ages ago. so. the stimulus was "we are all so curiously alone, but it's important to keep making signals through the glass" or something like that. well. jin-centric? (of course it is). i don't remember where i got the idea from, but eh.

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fic! woah

honestly, don't look at me, i don't even know what the fuck this is. what the fuck, honey. ryoshige? crack? Read more...Collapse )